Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plan B: A Success

Jenepher to the rescue!

Mom writing in on my centers board

Entrance to the reading room: underwater adventure

First Class Work-sailor hats and all-can't wait for the student work to be on it to make it more attractive

Thanks to a fabulous Mom who helped me with the center chart, math treasures, our anchors wall, and the red nautical flags with all the subjects on them. She is amazing and I am so blessed to have such a great Mom.

The most busy wall in the world, but the color is amazing! I love the green, yellow, orange, white, and blue :) BYU and Richland High all represented in one wall!!

Word Wall is finally complete, fishies and all!

Working more on my room, getting help, and starting over really was a blessing, because I am so much prouder to walk in and think, "Yeah this is my room, I am proud to be the teacher of Room 18!" Now I just need to get organized with my bookshelves, files, center bins, student materials, name tags, get that board up, and many little things. Soon my sailors will fill the ship, and it will be a wonderful learning place. I'm so excited to start this adventure!


  1. Congrats Allison!!! What grade are you teaching?

  2. You should be proud. We may have helped here and there, but the main concept and most of the ideas were all yours. I can just imagine all the kids' faces when they enter for the first time!

  3. Allison! This classroom is sooo amazing and fun! I love it!!