Friday, July 8, 2011

I Got the Keys!!

The lone desk

This side is where the theme's bulletin board will be: Sailing Into Learning

None of the desks or tables were moved yet. It's a huge room though!

The happy/scared/excited intern!!!

Hey Everybody!

I got the keys to Room 18 just a week ago and though I was so overwhelmed, with the help of some wonderful friends (Stephanie and Ashley), my room is coming together and will continue to be a place for learning and fun. I'll take more pictures as the process of decorating and organizing continues, but for now, here is the room before I really moved anything. (Trust me, it looks so much better). I really am in debt to Stephanie Wright for moving all the desks, they look amazing, and helping me put up one of my bulletin boards-Captain's First Mate.

There is still a lot to go, but I know that with help, faith, hard work, and a lot of creativity, this classroom is going to be a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.


  1. Allison! I am so excited to see your room take shape :) I'm still kinda working on my theme...haha, oops, I need to get moving! I am so scared too, but we will be fine!

  2. It looks great and I'm excited to see how you develop your theme for the room. You'll be awesome!!!