Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Time

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post; teaching has been so busy, but so rewarding. For the past few months the crew and I have gotten to know each other well and done many activities. I should have taken more pictures of their work, but I've been impressed with how well they work together on projects such as, "Delicious Apple Adjectives" and their Native American tribes. For Thanksgiving they made the cutest flip book. Each child had to choose a Native American, a Pilgrim, or a Turkey, and then write the name, what the character was doing, and where they were doing it. The catch was each part had to have a description, such as "eating sweet buttery corn in the red forest." I'll have to take a picture and post it.

Thanksgiving passed quickly, and before I knew it, it was Christmas! Our 4th grade team decided to have each of our 4th graders make an ornament or something like it for their parents, so that weekend I was searching for ideas, when I found the cutest craft! On the familyfun.go website I came across Gingerbread Garlands! After having my roommate teach me how to fold and cut so I could feel confident teaching it (along with some fraction and division applications), I was excited for Monday to come so I could teach my crew how to do this craft. For the next 2 days each worked busily on making their own gingerbread garlands. During that time there was also a Sing Around the Tree-A Mapleton Christmas tradition where all the grades get together for an assembly and listen to each grade level sing and then sing carols together. On Tuesday we had a white elephant christmas party, thanks to a wonderful room mom. Finally, on Wednesday, all the garlands were finished, and each turned out so beautiful and unique.

The conductor gingerbread is my favorite!

 I love the creativity!
Mario and Gang gingerbread!!

Now, there is a week break, and during that time I am going to get ready for SEP's coming in January, work on lesson plans, draw a winter scene for a descriptive writing for the first week back, and make a game board for a new incentive I'm going to start. More explanation later :) Merry Christmas!