Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hawaii and Other Adventures

This week our ship anchored in the port of Hawaii on Tuesday, February 7! It was such a wonderful trip and while there we learned more about Hawaii's culture, and experienced some dance, food, and basic Hawaiian words. It was a lot of work to put it all together, but thanks to Joy, Bethany, Richard Baird, Natalie Jones, and Michelle Coleman it was a huge success. After the party other teachers came up to me and told me how my class told them all about the party and how they are getting ready to go to New Zealand next. Yay!! That was the total purpose of the trip, to show them by having good behavior and doing their best, we get to visit exotic places and have a grand time. Here are some pictures of what we did that afternoon. (Miss Mills was quite pooped after this event, having to vacuum and move all the desks back in time for re-teaching, but thank goodness for planning time) :)

 My amazing roommates Joy and Bethany 

 Thanks to the moves of Joy and Bethany, our ship learned how to do basic Hawaiian moves like the hella and hula. 

That was the most exciting event of the week for the crew, but the day before they had a lot of fun after I showed them how to do a video detailing a weathering or erosion experiment. I can't post up the kids videos, but man, they were creative and very accurate! I was so impressed. Here is my example, and I just want to say, I am totally converted to modeling before letting kids go loose, because I doubt many groups would have had as successful a time as they did if I hadn't shown my example first. Not that I am a master teacher, because I am far from it, but for this time, I helped my students show their true potential.

It was a fantastic week, and there was a lot a laughter and high spirits. Not the best physical week for Miss Mills, because on Tuesday at 5:30 am, she fell and scraped up her knee pretty bad (bad enough that she is now wearing a bandage and wrap 24/7). We actually had two injuries aboard our ship this week, one student is wearing crutches because of flat feet and the pain caused by that, and I am a hobbling old captain. Ha ha. Needless to say, by the end of the day, we just chilled because Miss Mills could stand no longer :)

This next week I'll be on the ball, require some hard work, but also a lot of play, since it's VALENTINE'S DAY soon!! Let's just say there may be a proposal aboard ship, and lots of love. More details to follow.

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