Friday, January 6, 2012

It Snowed and Snowed

Hello! Thanks to Pintrest, I found this amazing idea and used it on my students, and they LOVED it! I introduced the writing activity by showing them my example and explaining the concept. Basically, a picture of a snowy scene is drawn and in that picture, one object or animal that is going to be hidden under a blanket of snow (yay for puffy paint). Beneath the picture are lines to put down 5 clues to what the hidden thing is. I told my class that they wanted to keep it super secret so they could all be part of a guessing game...and boy did they take me seriously! I constantly heard, "Hey, don't look at my picture," or saw kids holding their hand over their hidden object. Seriously, so cute! Even when they showed me their rough draft before they could start their final, they were very secretive and sneaky. Ha ha. Kids are amazing! Below are some pictures of the process for "It Snowed and Snowed."

 Here is the example. Can you guess what it is? Look down!

 Uncover the transparency and you will see there is a MONKEY! 

 The sweet hand is covering up something magical :) 

 In the process of adding the snowbank, he he. So secretive

Hm, do you have a guess? It's a bubble! 

I was so impressed how creative these were! My students never cease to amaze me.

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