Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Time Capsule and Enjoying "It Snowed and Snowed"

After all the "It Snowed and Snowed" I noticed countless numbers of students from other grades and other classes looking and peeking under the transparency's to see what lied beneath. It made me so proud of my students. Here are some of their work up on the wall:

Then for today, I gave the students an option to decorate their 2012 time capsule either with paint or colored markers. Some chose colored makers, and then proceeded to write down their thoughts and goals for 2012 around each number, but most wanted to use paint. It was so adorable to see them working at the round table in the back, especially with their red bibs I made them from cut up pieces of tablecloth, ha ha. Yes, I am learning to be more resourceful.

After decorating each digit in the 2012 number, the students wrote something around each number.
2: Who I Am; How Tall I Am; What is my Shoe Size
0: I Like...
1: Last Year I...
2: My Goals for this Year are...

It turned out really well, and most everyone got the decoration part done today. Monday will be spent writing. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of this writing project. What a wonderful way to remember being 9 or 10!
 Love the colors and patterns :) 

Aren't their bibs so cute!! Oh, I am so in love with my idea!

All you need is some paint, a plate, brushes, and a tablecloth

One sweet boy put his 2 backwards--a great memory to share with posterity

Kimberly was proud of her design

As you can see, I have amazing sailors aboard my ship. Could not have asked for a better crew! Stay tuned for the next fun writing project we are going to do (also thanks to Pintrest)!

Captain Mills 

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