Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 weeks!

I'm so sorry I haven't written a recent blog post; getting ready for the school year has been so busy with Open House, Back to School Night, and of course, getting to know my wonderful 29 sailors of our ship, which they named...The Caribbean! I am so happy they were open to that name and were happy to have it. I love being with these sailors everyday! Though there are some days that are stressful and I am starting to see what I need to work on with teaching (whether it is the content or how I react to misbehavior or talk) I'm learning much and growing.

The first week was fabulous and we all grew so close as a crew aboard our ship, thanks to our getting to know you presentations that every child participated in, and our laughs. It is so wonderful to be loved for who you are, no matter how silly, entertaining, or loud you are.

My favorite praise I got was from a student in my class when I asked if Miss Mills was kind of crazy. He replied, "Miss Mills, we would have you no other way." Wow, just knowing I am accepted and loved for who I am makes my day. It is my job to show that to each child everyday. They all have unique abilities and should be appreciated for them. Whether they are wonderful friends, great at spelling, good runners (which I love so much), wonderful listeners, happy people, or dancing queens or kings, all need to be appreciated. I will listen to their stories and how they solve math problems and let them share their ideas and poems. I'm so glad I have let my students share with each other, and that we have a classroom where they feel safe to do so. My goal is to keep this feeling of friendship and support all year long. This will be a year to never be forgotten.

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  1. What a great feeling to have the students accept you like that. How exciting!! I'm excited to watch you grow as a teacher and to learn through you on this blog. I student teach in January and then the real world begins next fall! Exciting stuff!!