Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Book Reports

A few weeks ago one of my sweet students moved to Ogden. Here is a picture of me with her. We all wrote on a shirt for her to remember us and how much we love her. 

A few days ago the class all gave amazing book reports and I wanted to show you all their wonderful fantasy floats. Here you go-enjoy!
 A whole lot of floats :) 

 Dragon Blood is a favorite of a few of the boys in the class 

 One of the most creative floats of the day--"Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring"--a frosted hobbit house and Gandolf!!! 

 The Legend of Zorro--barbie version 

 Alice in Wonderland 

 So impressed with this one! 

 Aren't they amazing!! All of the crew went above and beyond on their floats. I could see them all becoming decorators for the Macy's Day Parade!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valentine's Day

This post is 3 weeks late, but better late then never. Here are some pictures of the amazing Valentine boxes the sailors made:

Love the Shark--it looks FIERCE! 

Cute :) 

 The cool army tank and the beautiful Paris box 

 Jason, you would like this one :) 

 A better view of "The Tank" 

 This box was the largest, and so creative! 

 RAA! Oh no! A dinosaur! 

 Giving Valentine's is the best~ 

 Anybody for a football game? 

Feed Me 

It was a great day! Lots of love, laughs, and way too much candy, ha ha.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Highlights from Today


I'm going to put up another post of all the amazing February Valentine's boxes the sailors made, but that will be on Sunday. Tonight I just wanted to share some highlights that brought laughter and smiles to all those who were there in Room 18. First, we had our New Zealand party, and oh my gosh, the Haka was meant for boys! They loved it: performing it, hitting their knees, yelling, and dancing. The girls loved watching it too. Also, we all loved playing with the poi balls I made this time last year. Crazy to think this time last year I was in amazing New Zealand, teaching year 1 and 2 students, bungy jumped, and ski dived! This year has brought a lot of new and amazing challenges. Each year is just a way to grow more and more.

Another great part of the New Zealand party is the magnum bars I gave to all the class; they loved them! Some had never heard of them and once they tasted the yummy ice cream with chocolate or caramel covering, they were in love and several came up to me and asked me where I got it. When I told them Walmart, they said, "Oh, I'm going there and getting some!" Ha ha, that was so great.

The best quote of the day was during science. I was explaining how organisms are animals (and plants) that have lived or are living on the earth. In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, my class had their thoughts on him, so one boy raised his hand and asked, "Does that mean that Dr. Seuss is an organism?" I affirmed yes, and everyone laughed. That was the best thing I ever heard! It had me laughing then, as it does now. Oh, the amazing and witty things children say. They make my day. 

Finally, yet again, I have the best class. One of the boys in my class was sitting at my desk (one of the rewards) and during guided reading I noticed a little note being passed around, but I didn't say anything, because I had a feeling it wasn't a normal note. It wasn't. A few moments later, the boy who started the note handed it to me and the class all smiled. It was a picture of a flower on my desk (given by a wonderful 4th grade team member), and then a note that said, "Miss Mills, thank you for teaching us," with all of the student's names. It was so sweet! They do these things all the time, and I cherish all the notes. I should make a scrapbook :)

A little happy thought from Miss Mills.